Trusting to deliver with our new Sports and Social Clubs Product
July 15, 2019

We at Gresham Underwriting place our broker partners and your clients at the centre of everything we do. We believe that in so doing we will provide the best possible solutions for you and our mutual clients. A key part of this is to provide products that meet our clients’ needs and which of course are competitively priced.

For us insurance is all about you and the Insured trusting us to deliver what is promised. Whether that is our high levels of service through our fully automated online service, providing point of sale quotations and Policy documentation, or through risk management advice provided by our expert Underwriters and Risk Managers. Indeed, any Insurance Policy is effectively a promise to the client. The actual value of that promise comes to life when a claim has occurred where you need to trust us to deliver a fair and timely service and to pay claims promptly to get your client back on their feet. When the client purchases their Insurances, they are also trusting you to recommend to them who will best fulfil those promises. We know that through our actions you can have every confidence in recommending Gresham Underwriting.

The community broker is the bedrock of our support and we have listened to you when you asked us to research the Sports and Social Club sector. There is something special about the British culture and our love of these clubs that play a central role in our local communities many of which operate on a not for profit basis. With over 1,600 Working Mens Clubs,2,500 British Legion Clubs, 700 tennis and squash and 2,000 Rugby Clubs and many other clubs besides, the potential market is huge.

Our research has shown that a high proportion of these organisations trust a local broker to place their insurances. We have however found that the market place is awash with schemes (which command high commission levels), many of which are controlled by national brokers operating out of a central site. These facilities are often endorsed by certain bodies and associations (who may or may not also receive commission for this endorsement). Because of the lack of stand-alone Insurers, you are regularly forced to sub broker this business to these facilities which often means your income is impacted and more importantly result in you losing control of delivering that promised service. With so many mouths to feed for these facilities it is inevitable that price will be affected.

At Gresham Underwriting we merely want to be endorsed by you and our mutual clients by providing quality cover at competitive prices. We have therefore produced a product that we believe meets the needs of the vast majority of these clubs, with the flexibility to listen  to your specific requests for risks which may sit outside of the normal acceptance criteria.

Our Sports and Social Clubs product is the first of many new products we will be launching in the next 12 months. Working with our in-house underwriters, broker network and technology development team, our goal is to provide you, the broker, with more quality options for your client.

You can get a Sports and Social Clubs quote by clicking here. If you do not have an agency with us you can sign up for a TOBA here.

Click here for more information on the product page including an appetite list and facts sheet with all the information.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any other queries.

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