Household (Home Assure)

We asked our brokers what they wanted from a household Policy and we were told a comprehensive bedroom rated policy. Home Assure is exactly that – an easy to use, fully comprehensive policy where the premium is rated on the risk factors rather than the sum insured. 

Cover Available 

Our wide breadth of cover provides everything you would expect from a comprehensive insurance product and includes such features as: 

  • All usual perils are covered including Subsidence and Accidental Damage 
  • The product provides cover for Contents of £75,000 and Buildings of £750,000 automatically (when that section is selected) 
  • For sums insured above these simply overtype the values and we then rate on the sums insured rather than the bedrooms 
  • Wide range of occupants covered including: 
  • Standard Household 
  • Let properties to various tenants including 
  • Benefit assisted 
  • Asylum seekers 
  • Students 
  • Listed buildings 
  • Unoccupied residential – even long term unoccupied 
  • Bed and breakfast businesses 
  • Holiday homes 

Tailored Features and Extensions 

We recognise that many households have specific insurable needs so we can extend our policy to offer a wide range of tailored features including: 

  • Hearing aids 
  • Hot tubs 
  • Marquees 
  • Mobility scooters 
  • Fine wines 

We always aim to accommodate so please ask if you need any other extension.  

  • Legal Expenses Cover

    So many of us think “it will never happen to me” but what if it does and Legal costs are involved?  Our Legal Expenses comes as a quick and simple add on that offers your client peace of mind and cover in the event they find themselves in the situation where they need legal assistance.

  • A-rated Capacity

    Gresham Underwriting is a Lloyd’s Cover holder and is able to utilise both Lloyd’s and Company market capacity. We only ever use A-rated carriers. Our Household policy is placed under binding authority with Legal & General and Ergo.