Nightclubs (Club:PM)

Thank you for your interest in our product. Unfortunately this product is not currently available via Gresham Underwriting.

Our Nightclubs (Club:PM) product has been designed to meet the needs of business owners of nightclub establishments in the hospitality and leisure industry. A key feature of these establishments is that they usually trade a number of nights a week and have extended operating hours (12am onwards). 

Cover Available 

As you would expect from a comprehensive policy we are able to provide cover for all aspects of your insured’s business including cover such as:  

  • Lighting, Sound and Entertainment Equipment 
  • Stock of Alcohol  
  • Stock Deterioration  
  • Loss of Licence  



Tailored Features and Extensions

Our policy is designed specifically for the late bar sector and cover is tailored so that your client has full peace of mind that all their insurance requirements are covered. Our specialised features and extensions include: 

  • Wide variety of acceptable entertainment such as theme nights, discos & DJ events 
  • Employers Liability cover for directly employed door or security staff 
  • Work Away cover available for club promoted events (not festivals)  
  • Failure of Public Utilities Extension  
  • Denial of Access Extension  
  • Legal Expenses Cover

    Though a business may be run to high standards and in accordance to regulations including health and safety, there is always the risk of exposure to a legal case. Our Legal Expenses comes as a quick and simple add on that offers your client peace of mind and cover in the event they find themselves in the situation where they need legal assistance. 

  • A Rated Capacity

    Gresham Underwriting is a Lloyd’s Cover holder and is able to utilise both Lloyd’s and Company market capacity. We only ever use A-rated carriers. Our Nightclubs (Club: PM) product is placed under a binding authority with AXA Insurance.