Rent Guarantee

What is Rent Guarantee Insurance and who needs it? 

Rent Guarantee Insurance provides peace of mind for any landlord and is incredibly popular amongst our property owners policy purchasers. 

Our policy provides cover for: 

  • Professional advisers’ costs in proceedings if a tenant fails to perform his obligations as set out in the tenancy agreement for the insured property 
  • Rent arrears owed by the tenant under the tenancy agreement where an insured event has occurred, and the insured is, where appropriate, pursuing proceedings under this Policy 

Policy limits

We provide: 

  • landlord’s Rent Protection up to £10,000 
  • advisers’ expenses up to £25,000 

Peace of mind at a very competitive premium. 

  • Tailored Extensions 

    The policy also provides impartial, confidential advice from qualified consultants in areas of: 

    • General Law 
    • Employment Law 
    • Tax 
    • Health and Safety 
    • Contract law 
  • A-rated Capacity 

    Gresham Underwriting is a Lloyd’s Cover holder and is able to utilise both Lloyd’s and Company market capacity. We only ever use A-rated carriers. Our Rent Guarantee policy is placed under binding authority with capacity provided by Great Lakes Insurance Company.